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Numerous individuals pick Dropbox for their distributed storage, and it’s an extraordinary application in any event, for Mac and Linux clients. Nonetheless, you may find that you do not need anymore or need it. In this article, we’ll investigate how you can uninstall Dropbox for Mac while guarding your information.

A few clients may need to uninstall Dropbox because of the worries about its security. If so, you can erase your Dropbox account after you get done with uninstalling Dropbox.

In the event that you decide to uninstall Dropbox in light of the fact that you don’t believe it merits the cost, you should look at our Dropbox survey to guarantee you aren’t passing up any highlights. Notwithstanding, there are numerous suppliers battling to be the best distributed storage accessible, and one of these different applications, for example,, may better meet your prerequisites.

Instructions to Uninstall Dropbox From Mac

To start with, find and select the Dropbox image in your top menu bar. On the off chance that the symbol isn’t here, you should open Dropbox to cause it to show up.

After you click this symbol, you should see your round profile picture or initials in the upper right corner. Select this circle and afterward click “inclinations” from the dropdown menu to raise the settings window.

In the settings window, pick the “account” tab.

In this tab, click the catch to unlink your Mac from your Dropbox account. This will expel access to any documents that you haven’t spared to your framework, yet they will at present be in your record.

The Dropbox symbol in your top menu bar should at present be there, yet it will be blurred. You should choose it once more.

In the event that you click the symbol that has supplanted your profile picture or initials, you will get a choice to stop Dropbox. This ought to likewise stop any foundation forms.

To evacuate Dropbox, scan for its launcher in Finder. It ought to be in the Applications organizer.

At long last, move the Dropbox application launcher into the waste and decide to discharge it.

Steps To Uninstall Dropbox From Your Mac

Select the Dropbox symbol in the menu bar

Snap your profile picture and pick “inclinations”

Select the “account” tab

Snap “unlink this Dropbox”

Select the Dropbox symbol once more

Snap where the profile picture was and decide to stop

Quest for the Dropbox application in Finder

Drag the Dropbox record from Applications to the refuse

For what reason Can’t I Delete Dropbox From My Mac?

Once in a while you can’t erase Dropbox on Mac since foundation procedures of the application aren’t closing down appropriately. You can close these physically in the Activity Monitor, yet they may restart on the off chance that you open Dropbox once more. You can discover the Activity Monitor inside the Utilities envelope inside your Applications.

Cautiously glance through the procedures. On the off chance that it has Dropbox in the name, select it and snap the “X” in the upper left corner.

Subsequent to evacuating each procedure, you should have a go at uninstalling Dropbox again by erasing the application from inside Finder.

Steps If You Can’t Delete Dropbox

Open the Activity Monitor. You can discover this in the Utilities organizer inside your “Applications”

In the Activity Monitor, search for lines that contain “Dropbox”

Select the procedure and snap the “X” to compel it to stop

Rehash stages two and three for each procedure

Attempt to uninstall Dropbox once more

How Do I Completely Remove Dropbox?

On the off chance that you need to expel all hints of Dropbox when you uninstall it, there are three additional things you should erase.

To begin with, you have to go to the Dropbox organizer on your hard drive. This will contain any documents you had downloaded before you uninstalled Dropbox. Spare any information you would prefer not to lose and erase the envelope.

Next, open Finder and press shift+command+G to open the “go to organizer” text box. Enter “/Library” and discover the organizer named “DropboxHelperTools.” You can erase this to evacuate the Dropbox relevant menu.

At long last, to evacuate the Dropbox application settings, revive the “go to envelope” text box, enter “~/.dropbox” and erase everything inside the organizer.

How Do I Remove Dropbox From My Mac Without Deleting Files?

On the off chance that you need to uninstall Dropbox and not lose any information, there are two powerful arrangements. You ought to do these before evacuating the application, yet regardless of whether you don’t, your documents will stay in your record.

The simplest method to guarantee no information will be lost is to check for the green imprint close to the document’s symbol. This implies it is securely on your hard drive so you can openly uninstall Dropbox.

A progressively intensive approach to guarantee your information is protected is to move it out of your Dropbox account. You can do this by making a duplicate or moving the first out of your Dropbox organizer. On the off chance that the documents are no longer in your record, you won’t have the option to download them somewhere else, yet they will be on your Mac.

Last Thoughts

In the event that you have to uninstall Dropbox, there is an unmistakable and successful approach to do as such. Despite the fact that Dropbox isn’t the best distributed storage for Mac, you can reinstall whenever. Likewise, in the event that you decide not to get out the Dropbox envelope or application settings, you can even go straight back to the latest relevant point of interest.

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